Will my insurance pay for my pet's physiotherapy/hydrotherapy?

Most insurance companies will cover physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, provided this has been recommended by your vet. Contact your insurance provider to be sure.

Do I need a referral from my vet for physiotherapy?

Yes. Please download this registration form which must be completed and signed by your vet before your first appointment. Your vet will also be given a progress report during the course of treatment or upon discharge. By law anyone treating your animal is required to obtain veterinary approval. This includes masseurs, osteopaths, chiropractors etc. Good communication between your physiotherapist and vet ensures the best possible treatment for your pet. 'Therapists' working without veterinary consent are breaking the law, and may be putting your animal at risk.

How many treatments will my pet need?

This depends what is wrong with your animal, how quickly physiotherapy can begin following the onset of a condition and how well owners can comply with 'homework' exercises and advice on general management. Some problems only need a couple of sessions while others may require weeks or months of rehabilitation. A dog with hip dysplasia, for instance, may cope best with a life-long regime hydrotherapy. A horse who has mild muscle spasm in his back following a bad trip in a trailer may only need to be seen once or twice. Hydrotherapy: In terms of building up strength and fitness, an initial 6 week course, twice a week, is usually recommended. Conditions s.a. arthritis are permanent and degenerative so many owners continue regular attendance to maintain the improvement to their dogs' mobility and quality of life. Competition dogs may use hydro to improve general aerobic fitness and to vary the workload during the competitive season.

I live too far away to use The Veterinary Physiotherapy Clinic, can you recommend someone near me?

See www.acpat.org for a list of chartered physiotherapists who specialise in treating animals and the areas they cover.